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Citroen Xsara (1997 - 2004)

reviewed by cagga on 11 September 2012
reviewed by phut on 13 July 2010

1.9 XUD TD

reviewed by ralphy on 9 July 2010
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Cheap to run, easy to work on, fun to drive

I bought my Xsara after it came off a fleet.
It had 58,000 miles - it's now clocked more than 277,000.
The XUD engine isn't the most economical, but I get more than 50mpg on my daily 100-mile round-trip to work.
I do all my own maintenance on this car. Parts are cheap from the likes of GSF, and it's easy to work on.
Like all Citroens and Peugeots of the era, the major parts are bombproof.
Ok, the interior is a bit fragile, but I'm still on the original shock absorbers, CV boots, injectors...
The original alternator packed in last winter, at about 265,000 miles.
The engine's had 5,000 mile oil changes, and is as good now as when I bought it.
The timing belt has never given trouble, and the pulleys and water pump are metal, so last a long time. I change the belt every 60,000 miles, and pulleys/pump every 120,000.
Brakes, while not the most powerful, are reliable and good to work on. ATE Teves calipers on the front - way better than Bendix calipers I've had on 205s...

One weakness - I got rid of the original radiator at about 110,000 miles/five years. The replacement Valeo has been much better - and still has all its fins.
That's the key to a long-living XUD - look after the cooling system. Regularly check hose condition and for leaks - and repair problems quickly.

I still enjoy the punchiness of the XUD when the turbo kicks in, and the steering is neutral and sharp. Great car.

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reviewed by gramar on 9 July 2010

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