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Skoda Yeti to be axed in favour of all-new Karoq

Published 02 May 2017

Skoda has announced the Karoq SUV. The all-new model will go on sale in late 2017 and replace the Yeti in Skoda's SUV line-up. 

Skoda hasn’t released any details about pricing for the Karoq. It hasn’t released any official pictures either, bar a couple of images of a car covered in camouflaged paint.

However, we do know that it will be 160mm longer and 48mm wider than the outgoing Yeti. This means it will move away from the compact SUV segment and go up against the SEAT Ateca and Nissan Qashqai.

Given the increased dimensions, it’s perhaps understandable that the Karoq will be considerably larger on the inside, with space for up to seven adults. There will also be a 588 litre boot, with the rear seats in place, which is 172 litres more than the Yeti. 

Flatten the rear bench and cargo capacity increases to 1810 litres - which is 50 litres more than the outgoing car. 

As well as more space, Skoda is promising better connectivity and driver assistance, with automatic parking, lane keeping assist and blind spot detection. Full LED headlights will also be available, along with improved adaptive cruise control and autonomous braking, which will bring the vehicle to a halt if pedestrians step out in front of it. 

Five engines - two petrols and three diesels – will be available, ranging from 1.0, 1.5, 1.6 and 2.0-litres. Power ratings will start with 115PS and increase to 190PS.

As with the Yeti, front-wheel and four-wheel drive will be available, along with six-speed manual and seven-speed DSG automatic transmissions. Skoda hasn't released any economy or CO2 ratings, but tell us that the Karoq will tow up to two tonnes when hooked to a braked trailer. 

For now, that's all we know about the Yeti replacement. The Karoq will get its official unveiling in mid-May, which will hopefully provide details on pricing and some images of the production-ready car.

Given that both the SEAT Ateca and Nissan Qashqai start in the region of £18,000, we’d expect the Skoda Karoq to cost the best part of £20,000 when it goes on sale in the autumn.

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Stormy.    on 6 May 2017

The "New Yeti" I'm afraid looks like all the other SUV's on the road. What a shame, the current Yeti looks unique and a car that stands out in a crowd, I've no doubt the new one will perform OK but the design is like all the others.

edlithgow    on 7 May 2017

I would agree with the above poster. The old Yeti was a simple, unfussy, functional design.

The new one is "styled", and that's a bad thing in an SUV.

Pedro Mendes    on 8 May 2017

Got to be styled in favour of the masses unfortunately.

Norman Foster    on 8 May 2017

Got to be styled in favour of the masses unfortunately.

That's my problem, I''m not a "mass" and I love the individuality of the old Yeti. I had a Tiguan previously and the new Yeti looks almost identical to me. Let's hope the masses like the new one, I don't!

Alan Bowler    on 8 May 2017

Yuk! The present Yeti is fine for the majority of us who need a compact SUV. I'm hoping that mine will last a while yet and I definitely won't be trading up to a Karoq as would be too big for my requirements. All cars seem to be getting bigger, presumably reflecting the growing obesity in the population as a whole.

Bylane Bill    on 8 May 2017

Yet another car maker who thinks we all want 'big' motors. Going the same way as pic-ups did a few years ago I suspect, when the useful 1/2 tonners were replaced by big 1 tonners, most of which seem to be bought as 'toys for the boys' rather them work vehicles. Who decides what we want?

G Harper    on 8 May 2017

Yep im with the above The Yeti has an almost cult following it just looks right and hopefully the Taroq i mean Karoq will go spend all it's time like all good trogs under the bridge!
As just looks like any other bloated barge with them these days could have or probably do anyway blind fold and in the tail on the donkey comp?
If you need something bigger than a Yeti then there's the Kodiak.
Just seems VW wants to cut there throat to trim there hair!
The Yeti is one id love to have just a perfect shape/size guess why there is such a waiting list to buy them!

G Harper    on 8 May 2017

Yes Tiquan/Q3? or Q something plus some Seat thing will all be the same reason why they are dumping the Yeti as it's own thing!

toni2has    on 8 May 2017

Yet again similar VAG has optimsed use of their new chassis and to an extent body panels from VW Tiguan 2, Seat Ateca and Audi variants. Unfortunately we are not all large family owners (7 seats?) and to be frank both the original Tiguan and Yeti filled a niche in the marketplace being more compact manouverable and far easier to park in limited parking spaces! Of course the motoring press will heap allocades on these new models but to be reasonably equipped they will come at a relatively high purcxhase price or should I say a lease purchase price. No doubt VAG as with other manufacturers will seek to bring in a lower spec smaller SUV or crossover to fill the gap created by producing the larger versions and the gap vacated by the smaller Tiguan 1 and Yeti but again at a price compared with the earlier variants.

JNB    on 8 May 2017

I agree with the sentiments mentioned above. What the trade calls small SUVs are now too big and there's nothing to fill that gap in the market. I like the higher driving position of the SUV, but don't want a big car, difficult to park and too large for a normal sized garage.

grumpy1    on 8 May 2017

Absolutely agree comments approving the brilliant Yeti design, although the appeal of the original was diluted in the face lift.

When it comes to deciding what we want our wishes are sublimated to those of the majority of the public, who it seems are more interested in how many toys their cars have and how impressed or envious their neighbours will be than how fit for purpose their cars actually are. I spent a weekend in Germany some years ago participating in a research clinic for a proposed new car, which turned out to be an early version of what we now know as an SUV. Having anticipated questions about the performance and functionality of this vehicle I was dismayed to realise that the questionnaires were only concerned with the image of the car and our ideas as to the types of people to whom it might appeal.

Regarding 7 seat cars I would only ask when did you last (or ever) see one carrying more than 5 passengers? In my view 7 seaters are of use to relatively few people, but are foisted the many who don't actually need them and rarely if ever use the extra two seats. Anyway most of these seats will only accommodate children, and I for one would not be happy to carry mine so worryingly close to the rear of the car and so at risk of a shunt from behind.

Robbutt    on 8 May 2017

Now I see why the VW group have been pushing the Yeti at incredibly cheap lease rates, from £99 p/month with £2,500 down for 24 months anyone? Also it take even more attention away from VW products whilst they suffer from 'Dieselgate'. One of the biggest scandals of this saga is the deafening silence from the press and motoring organisations who are on the side of the consumer. Better to be friends with the mighty VW/Audi group if they want the advertising revenue and invitations to the 'best' car launches.

Michael Stevens    on 9 May 2017

I'm sure it's a good car but it's boring to look at and it's got bigger. I like something distinctive, I need 4x4 but I don't need bigger. I could cope with smaller. Now I don't know what to get next after my Yeti.

   on 8 June 2017

I got the Yeti because I like the old CRV shape; at the time we had a folding camper and the visibility factor was good. Now towing a light caravan; I see the logic of a 2t tug, which is what Škoda have done. The bigger boot rectifies the biggest flaw in the Yeti..

My prediction isthat they will develop a small SUV on the Fabia /polo chassis; that where rallying went some years ago.

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