Top 10: Most reliable cars

We reveal the cars that came out top for reliability in the Honest John Satisfaction Index 2018.

Our readers reported how their cars fared in a variety of areas, including reliability, build quality, fuel economy, repair costs and performance. Ride comfort, handling, ease of driving, practicality and technology were also considered, as well as safety.

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Toyota Prius (2016 - )

Reliability rating: 10.00

The latest Toyota Prius received a mixed reception thanks to its divisive looks when it arrived in 2016 but today it’s the default choice for private hire drivers in city centres across the UK.

Not only is it ultra efficient, with a choice of hybrid and plug-in hybrid variants, but our readers have also given it a 10 out of 10 reliability rating. That’s flawless. It also scored a maximum score for safety, while owners appreciated its build quality and how cheap it is to repair. Overall it achieved a score of 95 per cent.

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R Coopey    on 18 October 2018

It's a shame most of the Prius drivers I see on the road are somewhat lacking in driving skills.

JD1948    on 20 October 2018

You're not suggesting they are worse than Audi, BMW & Mercedes drivers are you??

Every Prius driver I have observed have been faultless!

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