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Most recently answered Jaguar questions
I have a new Jaguar F-Pace. Is it worth buying branded diesel,rather than supermarket fuel? If so is premium worth the extra?
I am thinking of buying a used sports car. Either a 2009 Porsche Carrera S (DFI engine) Cabrio or a 2013 Jaguar F-Type S. The 911 is £45k with 26,000 miles and manual from a well respected independent...
My Jaguar S-Type has started going into limp home mode. It usually recovers after switching off and removing the key from the ignition. I suspect some form of electrical/electronic problem. Any ideas?
Do you reckon the Jaguar XE diesel is a good option to replace my 2011 Mercedes-Benz C250 CDI?
I might need a replacement ECU on my 2009 Jaguar XF diesel. My local garage tells me that if my current ECU is not repairable I would have to get a new one from Jaguar direct and they would need to program...
I'm interested in buying a Jaguar XF or an XJ6 2.7 diesel. I've seen plenty of 2008 to 2010 models that have done in excess of 100,000 with most saying 'engine fault'. Are these cars best avoided or are...
I am hankering after my first, and probably only, Jaguar. I do very low mileage and would prefer a car with a petrol engine and manual gearbox. What do you recommend? I have up to £20k to spend.
I took receipt of a new Jaguar XF three months ago. I have covered 7000 miles and have noticed the boot lid is catching on the bumper. It has rubbed through the paint. When stationery the boot lid is approximately...
Looked at your list of quiet cars. Not entirely happy with some of the models - the Skoda Superb tyres are noisy on coarse grained road, ride in BMWs is too harsh (and I want a spare tyre), DSG box in...
I have a diesel Jaguar XF. When refuelling I put in just over a litre of unleaded before realising my mistake. I then put in 25 litres of diesel. I drove home without a problem (about 20 miles). Will I...
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