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Most recently answered motorway driving questions
What is a 1.2 Ford Fiesta 2013 like on the motorway?
What's the best motorway cruiser in terms of mpg?
My 2014 Ford Focus already has about 61,000 miles and I'm considering whether I should sell and buy a used or new car, or run the Focus into the ground instead. Fuel efficiency hasn't been great as it's...
I'm looking at replacing our current car for a nice, fuel-efficient car for our daily commute. Currently, I drive a 140-mile round trip every working day so looking for something that's frugal, yet isn’t...
Please, can you tell me what the most comfortable car would be for motorway use? My budget would be up to £45k
I've always understood that motorway X signs surrounded by a red ring are mandatory, so if you don't obey them, you deserve what you get. However, I have also seen these signs without the red ring around...
When driving on a three lane motorway at 70mph, I feel safer in the middle lane. This saves me a lot of lane changing. Is this legal?
I would like to buy a used car for everyday use and that's good on the motorway for less than £5000. What do you recommend?
I have a 2009 Jaguar XFR. 12 months ago the tyre pressure warning came up on the dash. I pulled over and checked but the pressures were fine. Since then the fault has repeated frequently, always in motorway...
My lease car is due for renewal through my NHS leasing scheme. At the moment, I have a diesel Kia Ce'ed, for which I pay £105 per month. Prices have increased and the same car will cost me £165 next time,...

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