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After 11 years and an incredible 285,000 miles, it’s finally about time to move on my Honda Civic Type R, or at least think about it. I make regular trips to my house in Spain, and tend fo keep my cars...
Am I searching for the holy grail? As an older chap I am now looking for slower thrills - seeking an enjoyable drive with the following features: Small car (city car/supermini/no larger than Golf), sub...
What tyres would you recommend for the Suzuki Swift Sport? I have been disappointed with the fitted Continentals, the fronts have only lasted 14,000 miles.
I have a 2018 Focus ST-3 and need new tyres on the front. Can I fit a pair of all-season tyres or do I need to replace all four? Also, can you recommend any all-season tyres for my car?
I currently drive a BMW 430i. I love the car but want to replace it with a performance hatchback with a good-sized boot and excellent road handling. As a minimum, it must cover 0-62mph in less than seven...
A year ago, my son’s 2015 Ford Focus ST EcoBoost had an engine failure when the oil sump developed a hole. He then had a reconditioned engine put in. At the recent MOT, he was told there was an oil leak...
In your Top 10: Hot Hatches list, you rate the Ford Fiesta ST but what about the Focus ST with the 2.3 engine? Why no mention?
I have a dilemma: a no-obligation order for a Toyota GR Yaris, but it will be spring next year before it arrives (yes - 2022!), or a 100th anniversary MX-5, immediately available and 10 miles on the clock....
Which would be most appropriate for everyday use, a second-hand Golf GTI or a used Golf R?
I'm looking at buying a hot hatch to complete my garage. I will be using it as one of my daily drivers, and the main purpose of it will be to have fun down the back roads. I have discounted the Hinda Civic...
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