Do I get a Mazda MX-5 or wait until 2022 to buy a Toyota GR Yaris?

I have a dilemma: a no-obligation order for a Toyota GR Yaris, but it will be spring next year before it arrives (yes - 2022!), or a 100th anniversary MX-5, immediately available and 10 miles on the clock. Which should I go for? They are very different cars for different purposes. I'm thinking summer fun in the MX-5 and possibly better residuals. Thoughts?

Asked on 5 March 2021 by Crawford Robinson

Answered by Andrew Brady
That's quite the dilemma! Although this won't help much, both are truly excellent cars and I don't think you'd regret either. The MX-5 obviously has the advantage of open-top motoring and, as a rear-wheel-drive sports car, is perhaps a little more involving to drive. There's also a great ownership network with the MX-5, too, so you can join in with organised owners' club events or easily modify it to make it faster/more enjoyable. That said, I reckon my money would go on the GR Yaris. It feels very special and I'm sure will hold its value well. If it's your only car, don't underestimate the extra practicality of the Yaris, either.
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