Is the Ford Focus RS relatively easy to sell on?

I'm thinking about buying a “new” Focus RS from a main Ford dealer. The full retail price is £29,286. The dealer has offered me the car at a discounted price of £27,500. However, I have been told that the RS is a difficult car to sell either new or used. I know that the RS cars the dealership have in their compound have been there for over 2.5 months. This tends to put me off buying the car, as I don't want to get my fingers burned, so I would appreciate your opinion on the RS and the price offered to me.

Asked on 2 November 2010 by CD, Sunderland

Answered by Honest John
Ford topped it with the RS500. The Focus RS is a very quick car. But I actually prefer the RenaultSport Megane 250 or 250 Cup for their superior steering, traction and handling. Next March there will be an ST250 of the new Focus (it's in my Paris Show video) and that may further devalue the current RS, though it will always have a place in the collectors market and will eventually hit a point from which it bounces back.
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