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We are being pressurised into going electric, despite the manufacturing sites not being 'green' for the foreseeable future. Being a caravaner and also towing other trailers from time to time, what electric...
We're buying a small Caravan (about 900kg) and would like to upgrade our 2007 Honda Civic 1.4 automatic. We have a budget of £5000. We'd like to balance a strong enough engine with reasonable fuel economy...
At the moment we have a 180,000 mile diesel Volkswagen Golf for the short runs we do and a 60,000 mile diesel Honda Civic Tourer for the long runs and caravan trips. Every year, we do four caravan (1300kg)...
We're an older couple and want an automatic to tow a small caravan with no heavy extras. Our budget is £15 - £20,000, less if we can. We're not sure if we should be looking at hybrid or not. Most importantly...
My caravan was parked up close to the house to keep it out of the high winds. It was not connected to our car. I was moving it a few feet with the motor mover to keep the tyres in good condition when the...
I am thinking of getting a petrol vehicle about 2.0 litre that's capable of towing a medium-sized caravan. It would need to be in the region of £12/13k. Any ideas?.
Is It possible to buy a hybrid SUV that can tow a 2000kg caravan?
Am I legally allowed to park my caravan on my driveway? My neighbour says it spoils her view from her front door which is 15ft away.
We are looking to buy a vehicle to tow our twin-axle caravan. Preferably two to three years old. We have about £25k to spend. What can you recommend?
What are the rules and regulations for storing my caravan on the street?

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