What cheap to run automatics can tow a small caravan?

We're an older couple and want an automatic to tow a small caravan with no heavy extras. Our budget is £15 - £20,000, less if we can. We're not sure if we should be looking at hybrid or not. Most importantly we want something reliable and economic to run, tax and insure. But bearing in mind the engine needs to be big enough for our small caravan. We want to purchase a car around six months to 1 year old. What are your recommendations for reliability and economy?

Asked on 11 June 2020 by Christine G

Answered by Andrew Brady
An automatic sounds like a good option, although we'd normally recommend a diesel for towing a caravan. You probably won't find a hybrid that can tow your caravan, unless you look at much bigger cars like the Toyota RAV4. Hybrids usually have very low towing capacities (if they can tow at all). A diesel hatchback like a Ford Focus or Volkswagen Golf would probably be your best option. Both are available with very good automatic gearboxes, should be cheap to run and can tow a small caravan.
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