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Just a university student here. I wish to have prestige car. The dream can be lived on a budget, I am looking at a BMW E39 and I am intending on modifying it elegantly. I'm looking for the most economical...
I do 15,000 miles per year and almost never do less than 30-mile round trips. I would like a diesel but think I'm on the cusp mileage wise. What do you recommend?
I currently own a 2003 Audi A3 1.8 and I'm looking to buy something that'll be cheaper to run. I'm considering getting a MINI, but which model can I get for under £2000? Is it likely to save me money,...
Are chips any good at giving more economy and power?
I have a year old SEAT Ibiza coming up for its first service, with 6500 miles completed. The SEAT garage have asked if I would like an engine flush as it 'improves mpg etc'. I am of the opinion that one...
My daughter is considering buying the Mitsubishi Outlander 2.0 PHEV. Can you tell me if it's a good buy for £20,000, how long a battery would last for and what the replacement cost would be? Thank you.
Can I reject a used car if the fuel economy is very different from what I was told?
I'm looking for an estate car/van-like car that would give me a big boot space. I need 6.25 feet in length and about 4 feet wide, to drive to Italy and back, but at a low cost - no glamour needed.
I need to change cars as I now travel further to work each day. I'm looking for something that will do 60mpg, what do you recommend for my £5000 budget?
Why do summer and winter mpg figures vary?

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