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I bought a second-hand Dodge (2008 model) around four months ago. The car was sold with a new MoT which had an advisory foe the rear subframe (corroded but not seriously weakened). This week the axle...
I had my windscreen replaced recently and in the process they managed to scrape the VIN sticker and some of the numbers are difficult to read. I will of course be asking them to put it right. But is the...
I read a few years back that you could have your car MoT tested at a council-run testing centre. Is that still the case? How would I find my local council MoT test centre?
Do rear wipers have to work to pass an MoT?
On my Mitsubishi Shogun (2005 model) the 4WD light is flashing when in 2WD mode and the ABS light comes up randomly. But there seem to be no negative effects when I drive. Would these be an MoT failure?
My garage has informed me that my car will fail its MoT because the rear tailgate will not open. It's a Fiat 500. Are they correct? And if they are, what can I do?
I took my car to my local dealer for service and MoT. I asked them to investigate a clanking noise at the rear of the vehicle at the same time. The car was returned with a fresh MoT certificate after...
My car is currently on SORN and it needs some work before it will pass the MoT. I know I can drive my insured but SORN'd car to a pre-booked MoT without a valid MoT or road tax. However, if the car fails...
Do I need to tax and MoT my car I am not using due to ill health?
My 2005 Citroen Berlingo Multispace's sliding side doors won't open from the outside (or with central locking) but unlocks OK from the inside when necessary. I only use the car as a 'van' i.e. rear seats...

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