Will a broken coil spring cause my car to fail the MoT?

I took my car to my local dealer for service and MoT. I asked them to investigate a clanking noise at the rear of the vehicle at the same time.

The car was returned with a fresh MoT certificate after the service. The dealer said they couldn't find anything wrong. Today, I've discovered that both rear coil springs are broken. Should the vehicle have passed its MoT with this problem?

Asked on 5 April 2022 by Bill Raymond

Answered by Dan Powell
The car should absolutely not have passed the MoT. Even if the springs weren't physically broken at the time of the MoT test, I would expect them to show signs of fracture or serious weakening to emit a loud clanking noise.

My advice would be to complain to the service manager of the dealer. If they do not take your complaint seriously, ask the DVSA the investigate the shoddy MoT inspection.
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