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I have a two year old Skoda Karoq and done 7,000 miles. My dealer has emailed to say my air con service is due. Do I need one?
We bought a 2014 Audi TT with 38,000 miles on the clock from an independent dealer. The air con makes an annoying squeak; not loud, just persistent. We notified the dealer within a few days of purchase....
My son bought a car on Sunday from a secondhand dealership. On the test drive, the air con was blowing but didn't seem very cold so he assumed maybe it hadn't had a chance to cool (he knows this shouldn't...
I recently bought an Audi Q7 approved used from an Audi dealer. It was delivered to me in Kent at the end of March. I had no need to really use the air conditioning at the time, but in the recent weather...
This weekend, I found the air conditioning in my 2016 Honda had failed. I took it to the Honda service centre today and they found a failure in one of the seals. I have an extended warranty so the replacement...
A trusted AC specialist says I need a new condenser for my air conditioning unit and has quoted £400 for a replacement, with three hours needed to fit — including a re-gas. Is this a fair price?
General advice seems to be to run a car's air con continually. How much extra fuel will this use?
The AC compressor in my Skoda Yeti has failed at 29,000 miles. My local dealer has quoted me £1300 to replace. Seems a huge amount. Why did it fail at so low mileage?
How often should I use the aircon in my car? I read blogs and they say it should be used all time. I have a 2016 Vauxhall Astra.
You say that the aircon in Skoda cars should be running all the time. Surely not. Is this peculiar to Skoda? Thank you.

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