My low value car was damaged and I need to claim for repairs, but how do I stop it being written off?

My 2007 Skoda Superb, which I use drive as a taxi, was hit by a car. It's damaged near the back door and rear panel near the sill. The sill is badly dented, but the door closes and locks. It probably needs a new door, but the pillar isn't twisted. The accident also seems to have jolted the front door latch because the light doesn't come on now. The other driver admitted liability, but four days ago I spent £800 on repairs to get it through the next taxi test in three weeks time. I'm semi-retired, so spending money on another car doesn't warrant the cost in return. This car runs well and did look okay. The licencing officer approved it as long as it passed taxi and MoT tests. I'm worried that when I make a claim they will say the repair is more costly than the car and write it off, not taking to account that it's worth it for me to keep it going. The sideways hit did jolt my neck sideways a little bit though, so I'm going to see my osteopath about it soon. Can I claim for this? Taxi insurance is expensive and I have 11 years protected no claim bonus. Would you have any suggestions on how to proceed with this?

Asked on 19 March 2018 by graham mccormack

Answered by Tim Kelly
I would contact a company that specialises in accident management for taxi drivers. They will also be able to assist with the personal injury claim. Alternatively, contact your insurer, it should not affect your no claims bonus. If you have legal assistance with your policy, then you will be able to claim your loss of earnings and personal injury. It does sound like your vehicle may be a total loss, but you could still retain it.
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