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I have a budget of around £10k to buy a car for taxi work. On average, I do around 25,000 miles a year. I'm after a vehicle that's 2017-onwards. What car would you recommend for me?
I have a really difficult decision to make and I am struggling, so any help would be appreciated. I work as a private hire driver in London and currently try and avoid the congestion zone as much as possible....
I'm looking to purchase a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV with 120,000 mileage to use as an Uber vehicle. Please advise if it's a good option. It's that or a Nissan X-Trail diesel. Thanks.
Can you please advise on what would be a suitable used car to purchase for a taxi (in Dorset)? Our budget is £10,000. We would need an automatic and would be most grateful for your advice.
I am considering buying a three or four-year-old Ford Mondeo or Skoda Superb estate for my taxi business. Are there any issues with the auto gearboxes, on either of these cars?
What's the most reliable petrol car for taxi use for a £7000 to £8000 budget?
What is the best automatic diesel car for taxi use please?
I am looking to set up as a private hire driver but have very little knowledge when it comes to cars. Any recommendation please and the reasons why?
Which is the best 7 or 8 seater for use as a taxi?
Which small-medium sized car would you recommend as a local taxi? Hybrids are expensive so I'm thinking a petrol, with no DMF and chain driven. Better if it is non-turbo too but that isn't a deal breaker...

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