Can I claim for an increase to my insurance premium, as well as for direct damage?

I saw you mention to someone else that it may be possible to claim for future increases in premiums due to another driver's error. Its been my intention to keep all potentially insurable events a secret from my insurers on the basis that any payout this year will be countered in future by increases in my premiums even though my No Claims Bonus might appear intact. A lady recently reversed into my car and happily put forward that, as she has no claims bonus protection, she could easily make the claim on my behalf. I declined on the basis I never wanted my insurer to know I've had any sort of accident - fault or no fault. The minor damage was not worth to me the future premium increases. Should I have made that claim?

Asked on 6 November 2017 by bigshineybike

Answered by Honest John
Whether you claim is up to you. If your vehicle is subject to an insurance claim, you should notify your insurer. You can claim for any out of pocket expense. It's only fair you should claim for the increase in premium if an insurer says you're a higher risk. The at fault party is responsible for this increase. I would suggest everyone claims for it, then insurers may stop this shady task they carry out where you are penalised through no fault of your own.
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