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How much is my premium likely to go up following a minor at-fault bump?

How much is my premium likely to go up following a minor at-fault bump?

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Depends on whether you had protected no claims. If you did, the typical loading to a fault claim is an additional six to ten per cent (due to additional risk). Should you have lost your full no claims, then look at up to 150 per cent increase. If you had full no claims and they were not protected, you will have lost two years worth of no claims, which are around 15 - 20 per cent for each year. This is 30 - 40 per cent, plus the additional risk of having been involved in an accident (as stated above, six to ten per cent). All of the above are estimations because insurers are very opaque in nature and do not disclose how they come up with their premiums. But they should be approximately correct based on the situation at this present moment in time.
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