If we claim on a policy with my daughter as a named driver - does she have to tell her own insurer?

In December, our car was showered in gravel from a lorry that sped by. Our windscreen was cracked and the stones left my driver door and bonnet covered in stone chips. My insurer, LV, are treating this claim as Accidental Damage - with us paying the excess of £250 to an LV-nominated garage repairer because the lorry did not stop. We have a fully comprehensive policy, with my wife as the main policyholder, and my daughter and I (husband) as nominated drivers. My daughter has her car insured with another insurance company, showing her as the main policyholder and me as a named driver. Does my daughter have to inform her insurer of this claim with LV, as my wife is not named on my daughter's policy at all? Also, do you think LV will increase the price for Protected NCD at next time of renewal?

Asked on 19 January 2018 by John ODonoghue

Answered by Tim Kelly
If your wife is not on your daughter's policy, then you do not need to declare. LV should not increase the price for protected no claims, but will increase the premium due to you making a claim.
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