My new car is 14 insurance groups lower than the previous one - so why has my premium gone up?

My wife recently changed her car from a Land Rover Freelander, worth £2000 and insurance group 23, to a Renault Clio, worth £2000 and insurance group 9. When I changed the vehicle on our Admiral insurance policy it increased by £2 a year. I questioned how this could be true when the car is 14 groups lower on insurance and was told that claims are more likely after changing a vehicle. Having not claimed in 20 years, and driven numerous cars, I pointed out that this was a ridiculous argument. This just seems to rip off of a loyal customer. How can this possibly be fair?

Asked on 17 August 2017 by Robert Phillips

Answered by Honest John
It isn't fair and it typifies the opaque nature in which insurers work. Even though the cars have different group ratings, the data that goes through underwriting algorithms also looks at past data for that type of car. Clio are generally driven by younger, less experienced people, so there are a lot more Clio on the road than Freelander. As such they are more likely to be involved in an accident. More risk equals higher premium. The earlier ones were also very prone to being stolen, again more risk higher premium. Insurance premium tax has increased and the Ogden Rate has changed as well. This has led to premiums increasing to cover them. You're much better served finding a policy that suits your needs at a competitive price.
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