A vehicle I've driven for six years has just been revealed as a write off - what do I do?

I have a Ford Torneo that I bought in 2011. I have owned the vehicle for six years. When I bought the minibus, it had a V5 with two letters attached from the DVLA. The letters said their had been a discrepancy with the vehicle and asked it it could be taken to DVLA Leeds to be inspected. The vehicle was taken there and the marker was lifted off. I had no knowledge what this was about until I came to sell the vehicle in January 2018. The buyer said the vehicle was a Cat B write off in 2010. I spoke to the DVLA and they checked the vehicle, which confirmed the marker was lifted in January 2011. As long as it is taxed and MoT'd, it could be used - but suddenly I cannot get it insured. Where do I stand?

Asked on 13 March 2018 by Beryl Feben

Answered by Tim Kelly
Was the check done a vehicle identity check? This does not lift a marker, it only validates that the vehicle is what it pertains to be. Did you have a HPI check done prior to purchase? As a Category B, the vehicle should not be on the road and should have been scrapped. Your can contact the DVLA and ask them to contact the Motor Insurance Anti-Fraud Theft Register (MIAFTA) to advise a clerical error has been made and the vehicle should have been a Cat C, rather than Cat B. It will be very, very doubtful they will do this. If anything, it does not change the fact that the vehicle may well be unsafe and should not be on the road. The only other option to try and legally do something is to contact Autolign Inspections (www.autolign.co.uk) and explain the situation. They can usually only remove previous total loss markers that are not Cat B or Cat A. So, again, the chances are very slim. It sounds like you've been majorly conned.
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