My daughter is returning to the UK after 20 years - do you have any advice on insuring her new car?

My daughter, an expat for 20 years, will return to the UK this year from Hong Kong. She holds a full license but hasn't driven for 10 years. I've told her to take lessons again and on return to to the UK she wants to buy a MINI Clubman auto. Do you have any advice or a specialist insurance company you could recommend?

Asked on 17 July 2017 by Mr Griff

Answered by Tim Kelly
Firstly, even though she had a full licence, check with DVSA to see if it is still current. You may find it is not. I would suggest taking lessons over here, taking them in Hong Kong is pointless as their traffic law, roadmarkings, rights of way are different. Your daughter will be seen as a new driver without and NCD, so I would suggest she obtains quotes prior to buying the car, as she may be in for a shock. It may be better to put her on your insurance on your car for a year as a named driver, then the insurer can see she has experience again.
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