Should I get a petrol or diesel 2016 Ford Mondeo Estate?

I'm thinking of buying a Ford Mondeo Estate, 16 or 66 plate. I drive around 30,000 miles per year, of which 20,000 are motorway miles. Would you opt for diesel or petrol? I plan to keep the car for four - five years. I also like the idea of the AWD version. Is this worth considering over the standard versions with front wheel drive, or would it be easier to change the tyres to all season tyres?

Asked on 19 March 2017 by Mark Herron

Answered by Honest John
For that sort of mileage the fuel economy advantage of of diesel probably exceeds the disadvantages of maintaining its emissions equipment. If you will be driving 30,000 miles a year for 4 - 5 years then best to avoid the additional wearing components and additional fuel consumption of a four wheel drive. No reason not to run it on all weather tyres. Michelin Cross Climates are the best, giving excellent ride, steering feel and low noise as well as the benefits in winter. Avoid big wheels and low profile tyres. Go for 16-inch with 55 profile tyres.
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