Ford Mondeo Estate Review 2022

Ford Mondeo Estate At A Glance


+Excellent blend of enjoyable driving and comfort. Spacious load area. Practical and well finished cabin. Well priced.

-Volkswagen Passat Estate offers more technology and a better load area. 19-inch wheels impair ride quality.

New prices start from £27,145
Insurance Groups are between 17–30
On average it achieves 77% of the official MPG figure

The Ford Mondeo Estate is one of the most capable - and spacious - estates around. There's more to it than a big boot though. It's extremely comfortable, good to drive and offers plenty of modern technology.

In terms of size, the estate variant offers 525 litres of space with the rear seats in place and 1630 litres with them folded. Ironically, the hatchback has more space with the rear seats up, but in reality, the estate is much more practical due to its shape, with a larger boot opening, making it better for carrying bulky items.

Like the hatchback, the estate offers a great blend of enjoyable handling and comfort. The Mondeo rides quietly and smoothly, even over rougher road surfaces, yet offers a good level of engagement and precision through twists and turns. That said, the ride quality is upset by the fitment of larger optional alloy wheels.

The engine range is broad, with two petrol options and three diesels from launch. The petrol range initially kicks off with a 1.5-litre 160PS EcoBoost, plus there is a 240PS 2.0-litre, which is joined by a 1.0-litre EcoBoost in April 2015. Diesel options are a 1.6-litre with 115PS and a 2.0 TDCi with either 150PS or 180PS.

The 1.6-litre diesel manages an impressively low CO2 figure of 99g/km, giving it a low BIK rate for company car drivers and making it free to tax. The more powerful diesel options aren’t much more expensive to run, however – and they offer far more useful performance, especially on the motorway.

The Mondeo is available with the latest safety and convenience technology, including adaptive cruise control, lane assistance, automated parking and the latest SYNC 2 infotainment system. This is far easier to use than previous Ford infotainment systems, with intuitive controls and a clear display.

The new Volkswagen Passat is a little more practical than the Mondeo and it offers even more high-tech features, but it is appreciably more expensive and isn’t offered with petrol engines. With low running costs, competitive prices, a spacious load area and excellent driving dynamics, the latest Mondeo is a terrific choice of large estate.

Real MPG average for a Ford Mondeo Estate


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Average performance


Real MPG

27–62 mpg

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Ask Honest John

Best estate car for a taxi business?
"I am considering buying a three or four-year-old Ford Mondeo or Skoda Superb estate for my taxi business. Are there any issues with the auto gearboxes, on either of these cars?"
Yes - the Powershift automatic gearbox used in the Mondeo can be troublesome. DSG gearboxes uses in Skodas can be problematic, but we've not had many issues reported with diesel Superbs. If you want the ultimate in reliability, I'd look for a Toyota Avensis.
Answered by Andrew Brady
What's the best petrol estate for £10,000?
"I am keen to buy a mid to large petrol estate, good to drive, room for four adults and gear. I do 5k to 8k miles a year - mixed town and country and want something with a perky modern and economical engine. Would a Mondeo 1.5T EcoBoost do? Or something else to consider? I can spend around £10k."
A Mondeo sounds like a reasonable choice if you can find a petrol one. Our money would go on a Mazda 6 but test drive one first - its 2.0-litre petrol engine might not appeal if you're after a small, turbocharged unit. Also consider a Honda Civic Estate - it's smaller but very practical and should be reliable.
Answered by Andrew Brady
Is the Ford Powershift automatic gearbox reliable?
"I've got about £8k to spend on a big auto estate - so naturally the Ford Mondeo is an option. However, I've heard bad things about Ford's double clutch Powershift gearbox - tales of it failing at low mileages and needing existing repairs. In your view am I taking back risk buying a car with this box?"
The six-speed wet clutch Powershift in a Mondeo can be okay as long as the fluid and filter are changed every three years or every 38,000 miles. But most owners refuse to go to that expense (£200 +) and that's why the wet clutch Powershifts fail and gain a bad reputation. Dry clutch Powershifts (in Fiesta, etc) do not require a fluid change, but the dry clutch packs in them fail anyway and they deserve their poor reputation. Ford has now ditched Powershifts in favour of six-speed and eight-speed torque converter autos in everything.
Answered by Honest John
What's the best used petrol estate for £10k?
"I need an estate for my family and dog but driving short journeys probably means petrol. I'm looking for advice with roughly £10-11k to spend. There are very few available but I found a Ford Mondeo 1.5 litre and Mazda 6. Any other options you would recommend or any advice on either of the above option would be greatly appreciated. "
You're right to search for a petrol for short journeys but, as you're finding, most buyers of new cars of this size are high-mileage company car drivers, so there aren't many second-hand petrol examples on the market. A Mazda 6 is a good option, as is the Mondeo. I'd also look at the Honda Civic - it's smaller than the Ford and Mazda, but it has a bigger boot. There are more about, too, and it will be very reliable.
Answered by Andrew Brady
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