I claimed for an accident that was my fault on my policy - will this affect my wife's policy as I'm the named driver?

My car is insured with my wife as the named driver. I recently made a claim, which was my fault. My wife's car is insured with a different company than mine, with myself as the names driver, even though I have not driven it for a long time. Will I have to declare my claim on her policy on renewal and will this affect her premium? Can I just remove my name from her policy?

Asked on 11 September 2018 by Clifford Day

Answered by Tim Kelly
Yes, remove yourself from her policy. Though it may not actually make much of a difference. Go on a price comparison site and see what would happen if you did this. If you stay on her policy, you would have to declare it. You will still be able to drive her car under third party cover on your own policy.
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