Can you change insurance providers while a claim is ongoing?

A friend was involved in an accident involving a motorcyclist. When driving slowly in the outside lane, a motorcyclist filtering on the nearside of the car hit the side of his car fell off into the road. He appeared to have no major damage or injuries, but ambulance and police were called to attend the incident. The motorcyclist is now claiming for major damage to his vehicle. My friend's insurance is now due for renewal and, despite having a large number of year no claims history, along with protected no claims, the current insurer has almost doubled the renewal premium from the previous year. They will not guarantee that the excess will be refunded when the claim has been settled either. Obtaining quotes from other insurance providers, with the insurers being made aware of the current situation, has resulted in quotes considerably less than the existing insurers quoted renewal premium. Is there any reason not to move to one of the insurers with a considerably cheaper quote?

Asked on 1 February 2018 by Paul Street

Answered by Honest John
No, changing insurers won't affect the claim.
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