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Top 10: PHEVs

The popularity of PHEV plug-in hybrids is on the rise - helped by the tax breaks they offer company car drivers - and there are now an ever growing choice of models around. They also make sense for private buyers too, especially for those doing low mileages. So which are the most popular with you, our readers?

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Kia Niro PHEV

It may look like any other small crossover, but the Niro doesn't come with a conventional engine. Instead there's a hybrid, electric and PHEV version. And it's a car that's generating plenty of interest among our readers. The PHEV has the same 1.6-litre petrol engine as the hybrid but with a more powerful 44.5kW electric motor giving a battery-only range of 36 miles.

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A Daley    on 20 March 2018

I'm sure there are many more of us would love to drive a hybrid, but their price tags are generally so much more than 'conventional' engines, (even second hand) so they just aren't an option for people of lower incomes. Surely, after all these years the hybrid has now been around and with pressures from governments about high pollution, it's time their prices came down a bit. We don't all get a company car allowance...

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