Volkswagen announces fix for 1.5 TSI engine hesitation issues

Published 11 March 2020

Volkswagen Group has issued a software update to fix ongoing hesitation issues with the 1.5 TSI petrol engine.

It comes more than a year after the company admitted it was aware of a potential fault with the TSI Evo engine that led to 'kangarooing' at low speeds, particularly when the engine was cold.

>> No end in sight for Volkswagen 1.5 TSI engine problems

Hundreds of readers have reported concerns with the engine which is used across a wide range of Volkswagen Group vehicles, including models sold by SEAT, Skoda, Volkswagen and Audi.

We first became aware of the issue in March 2018 when our SEAT Arona long-term test car would 'bunny hop down the road' when cold. Many owners of affected cars got in touch via the Ask Honest John service revealing that this was a bigger issue - particularly in cars fitted with the manual gearbox. 

A number of readers successfully rejected their cars over the fault, while other dealers refused to accept that it was a known problem.

“I ordered a brand new Golf 1.5 TSI in June,” said one reader. “Knowing there were issues with other makes, I specifically asked the dealer if the Golf was affected. He told me to my face no - there had been none in the repair shop at all - they’d never heard of it.

“[It] turns out there have been three in the last two months at this dealership, and 83 cases outstanding in total so far in the UK. On his word, I proceeded with the purchase. The Golf arrived and was faulty with kangarooing. I informed the dealer who pick it up and confirmed the diagnostics. Car is now rejected.”

Volkswagen hasn’t clarified exactly what the problem was, but a spokesperson told “Since February, there has been a fix in the form of a software update for all Group brands and models affected by kangarooing during the warm-up phase.”

Owners are advised to contact their dealership for more details about the update.


gavsmit    on 11 March 2020

Another poorly coded, inadequately tested piece of software probably developed to a rushed deadline in a country that offers cheap software development (i.e. leading to good developers losing their jobs elsewhere in the world and a complete false economy in the long term).

Although I wonder if the fix is a bit like the Dieselgate fix - i.e. the cheapest option to move forward, but not necessarily in the best way or actually cure the issue at its root cause?

MusicalEclectic    on 11 March 2020

This wasn’t just in the warm up phase and in a Karoq sold to us in early 2019 happened in third gear approaching roundabouts. We are convinced that the salesman knew about the fault and tried to mitigate it on the test drive by warming the engine up (explaining controls whilst it idled) before swapping drivers to us. We rejected within 30 days.

   on 11 March 2020

My 1.5Tsi VW Golf had the TPI carried out some 6000 miles ago. Net result increased fuel consumption and still a slight trace of the problem
My local dealer Heritage in Salisbury despite several e mails and a call to VW in Milton Keynes which was summarily dismissed has yet to be addressed. It is clearly can be defined as a latent defect.

YK    on 12 March 2020

They released some new update, or it same what they give on September 2019?

My Octavia MY18 lost pawer and jerking all the time on whole temperature. Hate it! Newer VAG again.
Now I ask god take away this piece of s***:(

Petegeoff    on 12 March 2020

What more can people expect of a company like VW. They make and always have made mediocre cars. They destroyed a whole section of the motor industry with Dieselgate.

C Pepper    on 12 March 2020

Purchased a T Roc 1.5 TSI SE manual in March 19, rejected it in April, replaced it with a 1.0 TSI SE manual in May 19. no problems, best car I have ever bought !

Cornish Jimbob    on 12 March 2020

Why do any of you still buy Volkswagen's? Talk about fools and their money...

Very weak cars    on 12 March 2020

Just payed 2600 for my Scirocco 2 0 TSI rebuild. Plastic water pump attached to metal engine , poor timing chain tensioner . New turbo. New piston rings. Seems they still make poor engines . I am lucky enough I had 4 years out of it before this . Débâcle. 7l780 miles VW. Never again .

David Dana    on 13 March 2020

If people still want to buy a new VW (and other VAG models) then I suggest they wait until a new model has been out 3 years. Let other customers do the testing that VW have neglected to do and let these customers find the faults and have the hassle!

GTD 184    on 13 March 2020

It is about time VW sorted out the grating issues with their DQ500 DSG gearbox as fitted to VW Tiguan, Skoda Kodiaq, Seat Atteca numerous Audi's and some sallons and estates! DSG Noise upon Deceleration at low speed! - VW Tiguan MK2 Forums noise - Skoda Kodiaq Forum NOISE - Skoda Kodiaq - BRISKODA Noise from front end - Audi Q3 Forums

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TTToommy    on 14 March 2020

Now VW owns this site guess we'll have no more complaints

YK    on 17 March 2020


And this article is lie.
Jerking problem still without solution!!
VAG - s***

Pug RCZ    on 2 April 2020

VW do indeed own it. I never knew that!

AlexJohn    on 20 March 2020

I'm glad that I'm not the only one with problems left...

Yes it is still jerking, better when it is cold, and this jerking it is apparently caused by the vehicle's self acceleration function.
Also, on my Octavia 2019 Manual, when I leave gently from the traffic light with a gentle throttle, the engine tends to stall, even if I keep my foot on accelerator pedal.

However, what I found weird from a normal car's behaviour, if I only release the clutch, the engine does not tend to stall, due to self acceleration.

There is some inconsistency in the code program, so bad... if I want to rush in a highly traffic intersection, the engine everytime tends to stall.
VAG or Skoda... you're puting our life at risk, and you still don't recoginize any fault.
Thank you!

Avant    on 28 March 2020

If anyone is still having this problem, the following might be worth trying:

1 Start the engine before putting on your seat belt, thereby letting it 'settle' for a moment before you drive off.

2 Run it on super-unleaded petrol.

We have never had the problem (touch wood) with my wife's A3 1.5 TFSI convertible: I've no idea whether this is down to one or both of the above, or it just doesn't happen as often with Audis.

Malloi    on 27 August 2020

Thanks for the advice, but makes no difference I'm afraid.

I ran my Golf 1.5TSI 150bhp on super-unleaded and to be honest the engine felt worse.

You'd need to let the car idle until it reached normal temperature before the issue wasn't noticeable!

P Menzies    on 2 April 2020

I've never considered a VAG product since a Volkswagen salesman thought he was doing me a favour to sell me a high spec Golf.

golfhp    on 13 April 2020

I own Golf 1.5 tsi 110kw 2020 year.
I have a „kangaroo“ problem with my 1.5 tsi since first day when engine is cold. It durings about 2 minutes after engin start every day. My engine is MY20 and engine code is DPCA 110kw (one month old). Software version is H20 9596. It seems they didnt sort this problem yet.
I also notice vibration during 2-cylinders mod, expecialy between 1400-1700 rpm. Turbo lag is present also.
I went to a car sevice and they negate (deny) this problems. In spite of that i asked them about update and they said that there is not any update for my engine.
I am very disapointed with this engine.
Can author of this article specify a little about which engines (versions of 1.5tsi) are coverd with update which he mentioned? What is the version of the software he was writing about.

Mullrof    on 14 May 2020

I also wait for any news.

I got updated software to the 7418 by the 24EP action in my Tarraco (11.2019).

Problem is not as deep as it was but still persist.

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Maik    on 16 July 2020

VW T-roc Elagance 1.5 TSI, having this problem a lot when driving on cold motor. I have noticed this problem without any reading of the articles. So the problem is big! So i went to my dealership and they told me to update to a new firmware version. I hope this will solve it.

I am so disappointed that VW are not contacting us regarding this issue. They need to fix it. Otherwise, there will be a big court dispute from all owners.

   on 25 August 2020

This problem on the 1.5 TSi and 1.5 TFSi engines is a nightmare for all VW Group owners including Audi,Seat Skoda. vehicles etc, it would appear if there’s a shortage of fuel to the injectors during the warm up period when on light throttle
This has been a known problem by the sound of things for quite sometime, as VW have been trying to find a fix for it without success, surely this is not beyond the German engineers expertise.
They might do something about it when word gets around and Sales drop.


Malloi    on 27 August 2020

The update reference for info is: TPI 2054430/5

See my post on:

for more info.

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   on 11 September 2020

My partner bought a new Audit A1 with the 1.5 TFSI engine on a PCP, taking delivery at the end of March 2019. It didn't feel very smooth pulling away whether cold or warmed up with a noticeable loss of power but we put it down to it being new to us. At 29 days (and just under1,100 miles) it was clear that it wasn't us so she indicated that she was considering rejecting it. We took it to three Audi dealers in the same group, all of them said 'there is something' but wouldn't commit to what. She was loaned another 1.5 A1 which was better but still suffering the loss of power pulling away. When we collected her car the senior sales guy basically said it was her driving and would she consider an automatic. He refused to acknowledge there was a problem. The phrase 'characteristic of the car' featured at some point. Neither the dealership, Audi or VW Finance would admit there was a fault; VW Finance would not accept a rejection unless the dealer confirmed the fault. We researched as much as we could and discovered that there was a known problem and technical correspondence had been issued within the VW group but the dealer would not listen and told us they considered the matter closed. We approached the Financial Ombudsman and obtained a DEKRA report. The DEKRA Engineer road-tested the car, confirmed there was an fault with the way it drove and reported that he considered the car unsafe to drive. The report went to the Financial Ombudsman who wrote to VW Finance recommending that the rejection should be accepted which they eventually did. VW Finance dragged their feet for weeks and the COVID-19 situation didn't help. Eventually in June/July the car was collected and a refund issued. There was a small compensatory payment but as it caused a lot of angst and took from April 2019 to midway through 2020 it seemed very, very poor. We have since seen the car listed for sale and been contacted to check the mileage). So, to anyone still experiencing problems, don't give up, persevere. In my opinion any car with this fault is not safe at junctions and I find it hard to believe that people are still being fobbed off with 'there is an update due' or 'characteristic of the car'.

agreen84    on 11 September 2020

After 12 months of initially having the fault acknowledged but the fix not working we are now in the situation today where VW technical services have deemed our car to be functioning correctly even though the dealer has acknowledged the issues we have reported which include kangerooing, sometimes lurching forward when pulling away and sometimes the power dropping out. They are telling us there is nothing more they can do. VW finance have also told us previously they will only issue a rejection if the fault is acknowledged. If I provided you with an email address would you be willing to explain further what you did to get your rejection authorised?

Thanks in advance.

   on 15 September 2020

Hi Agreen84
It's basically how I described. Search for DEKRA. We paid for one of their mobile engineers to come and test drive the car (It cost about £200 for the test we booked I think).The fault manifested itself as he was completing the test drive. He considered it a safety issue i.e. unsafe. We then contacted the Financial Ombudsman and supplied the report. It took a few weeks to get it resolved and the car had to be collected before a refund was issued. Sorry for the delayed reply (I struggled a bit replying). Hope this helps. There isn't much more I can add but if you would prefer to email do provide an address.

David-Burke    on 15 November 2020

Last few comments sound familiar!! The dealer said they couldn’t replicate the kangaroo on my 1.5 Seat four times. I contacted the financial ombudsman and I organised a DEKRA inspection who confirmed the fault. 6 months later the car has finally gone, a refund given minus a fair usage charge. If you still have a kangaroo car don’t give up and get rid of it as soon as you can!!

Sorin Nica    on 17 December 2020

Honestly I would not believe that anyone from VW have told this to HonestJohn. As this article does not include any SW update reference number, nor any of the readers on any forum does not have a reference number, I guess that this article is just a click-bite.

Malloi    on 24 December 2020

The update reference for info is: TPI 2054430/5

This is the reference for the update that is applied and it is very real!

BigBear1    on 28 December 2020

Hi Malloi, do you happen to know if this update reference TPI 2054430/5 is just for VW models? Have this problem with my Audi.


Malloi    on 3 January 2021

Hi Malloi, do you happen to know if this update reference TPI 2054430/5 is just for VW models? Have this problem with my Audi.


Hi, can't confirm I'm afraid.

TPI is Technical Product Information, basically a note of the issue that a mechanic can refer to. I don't have a note of the actual software update reference.

If you search the web for TPI there are a number of articles/sites out there that can hopefully point you in the right direction.

BigBear1    on 12 January 2021

Hi Malloi, do you happen to know if this update reference TPI 2054430/5 is just for VW models? Have this problem with my Audi.


Hi, can't confirm I'm afraid.

TPI is Technical Product Information, basically a note of the issue that a mechanic can refer to. I don't have a note of the actual software update reference.

If you search the web for TPI there are a number of articles/sites out there that can hopefully point you in the right direction.

OK great, will do. Thank you for the info.

Jeff Connolly    on 20 February 2021

Does anybody have info on upgraded VW 2l petrol engine which is due soon?Also were there any kangaroo problems with the pre upgrade 2lpetrol engine.?

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