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Skoda Superb At A Glance

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Skoda’s flagship executive car is a truly remarkable machine, offering masses of interior space and impressive value for money. Leave your badge snobbery at home – the Skoda Superb really does live up to its name.

+Offers limousine levels of comfort and space, but with a very affordable price tag. Efficient engine options include plug-in hybrid models. Boot capacity is truly huge.

-Not the most rewarding executive car to drive. Some options can quickly ramp up the price. Needs a lot of space when parking.

New prices start from £30,310
Insurance Groups are between 12–29
On average it achieves 79% of the official MPG figure

If getting the maximum amount of metal for your money is a priority, look no further than the Skoda Superb. Big on the outside, and even bigger inside, there is no denying it offers more space than even premium rivals such as the BMW 3 Series or Audi A4 – and with a much more palatable price tag.

Despite the addition of numerous EVs and SUVs to the Skoda range, the Superb is still the company’s flagship model. It has been updated since the third-generation Skoda Superb was first launched back in 2015, but remains faithful to the idea of delivering a huge amount of car for a reasonable amount of money.

There is no denying the Skoda Superb is a genuinely vast vehicle. It measures more than 4.8 metres in length, yet seems somehow to be even bigger on the inside. Unlike a lot of its executive rivals, the Skoda Superb can genuinely accommodate five adult passengers inside, with room for their luggage in the boot.

The boot is worth mentioning on its own. It’s capable of carrying up to 625 litres of luggage with the rear seats in use. Dropping the back seats flat results in a van-like 1760 litres of space. For those who, somehow, need even more carrying capacity, Skoda produces the Superb Estate.

Pigeonholing actual rivals for the Skoda Superb has become harder, with cars like the Ford Mondeo, Vauxhall Insignia and now the Mazda 6 making an exit from UK price lists. This leaves the Skoda Superb fighting premium-branded executive saloons such as the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4.

In reality, the Skoda Superb is more than capable of challenging these German contenders, such is the level of attention to detail within. Interior quality may not quite match BMW or Audi levels, but everything feels well made, and there are some truly neat touches throughout the cabin. For the amount of money Skoda charges, the Superb certainly offers good value on the soft-touch materials front.

Being an older model means the Skoda Superb’s interior has resisted the modern trend for using touchscreens to control everything. If you prefer your climate control operated by dials and buttons (and we do), the Skoda Superb is the executive option for you. There is still a central infotainment touchscreen, however, with higher-spec versions gaining an impressive Virtual Cockpit digital driver’s display as well.

On the road, the Skoda Superb driving experience is heavily weighted towards comfort and refinement. Unlike the Germans with their sporting intent, Skoda has made the Superb happy to simply soak up the miles. Even the racier Sportline Plus models still offer a pliable ride quality. The Skoda Superb can’t match a Mercedes-Benz S-Class for limousine-like comfort, but it comes closer than you might think.

The engines are also relaxed and refined, with petrol and diesel options supported by an efficient plug-in hybrid model. Thanks to low Benefit-in-Kind tax rates, the latter is likely to be a winner for company car drivers.

With such a breadth of abilities, it still seems remarkable that, at the time of writing, the Skoda Superb costs from just over £31,000. In a world where even an average family SUV can easily top £40,000, the Skoda Superb looks like a steal.

Combining such space, comfort and value, there is very little to fault the Skoda Superb for. It remains a great car to buy.

Ask Honest John

What cars have the best ride?

"My wife has had a major spinal operation which means that she struggles with the pot holes and other imperfections in the road. Which car would best dampen these effects and give her a ride that stands a chance of being comfortable?"
Choosing a car with the most comfortable ride very much depends on your budget, but we would suggest looking at cars such as the Skoda Superb and Kodiaq, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Land Rover Discovery and Volvo S90, all of which offer comfortable seats with a smooth ride. We would also recommend looking for cars with smaller rather than larger alloy wheels as this will contribute to the ride quality.
Answered by David Ross

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We think that the Skoda Superb is an ideal choice for your needs, as it offers impressive comfort over long distances and good fuel consumption when fitted with a diesel engine. The Superb also has a good reliability record, so we would expect you to encounter few problems if you find a good example. The BMW 530d is also an excellent choice, although you may find it is slightly more expensive to maintain than the Skoda.
Answered by David Ross

What's the best saloon or estate for less than £40,000?

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You're essentially searching for a used car that has lost very little value in its first couple of years... which is actually quite a challenge (even in the current inflated used car market). A diesel Skoda Superb would be a lovely way of covering 20k miles a year. Your budget will get a nearly-new or pre-registered example, or you can save some cash by spending around £27k on a two-year-old example.
Answered by Andrew Brady

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Most modern cars are comfortable and capable on the motorway, so it is more a matter of what kind of powertrain you are most keen on. The Skoda Superb is an excellent motorway cruiser and you will find that most recent models will be ULEZ-exempt. As for hybrid options you could consider the Lexus RX, Honda CR-V or Mercedes-Benz C-Class, and if you want to go full electric you could look at the Tesla Model S or Hyundai Kona.
Answered by David Ross
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