Company car tax: 10 best plug-in cars for BIK tax

Pure electric cars are eligible for company car tax from April 2015, and they will be treated in the same way as the best performing plug-in hybrid cars. Here we list 10 of the best electric and plug-in hybrid models for low company car tax.

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Renault Zoe Expression
P11D £23,388
CO2 emissions 0
BIK tax band (2015/16) 5%
Annual BIK tax (20%/40%) £234/£468

The Zoe's company car tax situation is made more complex by the fact that its battery is leased separately. For tax purposes, the near £8,000 insurance cost of a replacement battery is included in the P11D value. It means that when drivers begin paying company car tax on the Renault from next year, it will be based on a P11D value of around £24,000.


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