Review: Volvo S40/V40 (1996 – 2004)


Practical, safe, roomy and well equipped. Turbo versions are very rapid, GDIs frugal. Impressive results for late models in Warranty Direct Survey.

Below standard handling, ride and steering. Build quality problems with earlier cars. 1996 - 2000 best avoided, especially 1.8 GDIs. 2000 - 2004 okay. But all these cars are very old now.

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4 September 2014

While Volvo S40/V40 1.6 does not have a D.M.F. (1.8 AND 2.0 models do), there is a widely reported failure of VVT Pulleys (costing £ 400-500) in all models. Expected life can be quite low. Seems... Read more

28 December 2012

5th= least likely car built 1997-2009 to suffer expensive problems according to Warranty Direct December 2012 Reliability Index , with an index of 16. 99% breakdown free in 2003 Which survey.... Read more

30 November 2012

Volvo S40 1996-2004 rated by Warranty Direct as the joint 5th Most Reliable Car of the past 15 years based on Warranty Direct claims statistics. Read more

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Insurer wants to write off my car!

I had a minor accident in May this year when a guy hit my car in the rear bumper while I was waiting at traffic light. There was minor scratch, but I reported the incident to my insurance company. When I opened the boot after few weeks I was unable to close it as the rear panel has slightly moved inwards due to impact. I called my insurance company and they provided me with a replacement car and put the claim through to the other party insurance. Both companies inspected the car and after two weeks the other party told me that it is a total loss and the car is placed in Category B. They offered me £490.05 which they think the car's market value is. The interesting point is the other engineer declared it as total loss too but placed the car in Category C. I can't drive my car as it's been placed in CAT B, I have requested the insurance company to change the CAT B to C, as the other engineer report says, and I am waiting for their response. If they refuse then what shall I do, what are my choices?
Tell them that you do not wish to make a claim at all and tell them that they do not have your permission to write off your car and must withdraw both Cat B and Cat C tags.
Answered by Honest John
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