Volvo V60 Cross Country Review 2022

Volvo V60 Cross Country At A Glance

+Volvo V60 with extra ground clearance.

-Only available as a diesel for now.

Insurance Groups are between 28–35
On average it achieves 71% of the official MPG figure

Ground clearance for the V60 Cross Country is up to 75mm higher than the regular V60, thanks to the specially developed Cross Country chassis and suspension that enhance the car's off-road capability. All-wheel drive is standard on the new V60 Cross Country, as are Hill Descent Control, Electronic Stability Control, Corner Traction Control and a special Off-Road driving mode. 

Like its 60 series and 90 series stablemates, the new V60 Cross Country benefits from Volvo's Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) platform, safety technology and infotainment system. 

The new V60 Cross Country is also available through Care by Volvo, Volvo Cars' premium service that offers car access rather than ownership via a fixed monthly amount. 

Volvo V60 Cross Country 2019 Road Test

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Real MPG average for a Volvo V60 Cross Country


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Average performance


Real MPG

36–43 mpg

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Ask Honest John

Can you recommend an Audi A6 Allroad replacement?
"My second Audi A6 Allroad has just passed 100,000 miles and although I am not considering changing it yet (my first one did over 200,000 miles), I have to consider what to buy now that Audi have stopped making it available in the UK. It ticked all my boxes as I need a vehicle that can go onto a sometimes rocky North Wales beach to launch and retrieve a boat, and drive to and around the Alps. I would like AWD, adjustable suspension, under floor protection, hill descent and I would prefer an estate car rather than SUV. Are there any alternatives? "
Unfortunately we're not aware of any other modern off-road estate cars that have height adjustable suspension - the majority have standard passive suspension with a raised ride height. It's a dying market as most people have moved to SUVs. Really the only two left on sale today are the Volvo V60 Cross Country and Subaru Outback, but there's also the smaller Audi A4 Allroad that was taken off sale last year.
Answered by Lawrence Allan
We need a car with good ground clearance but most SUVs don't meet the requirement. What do you advise?
"My partner and I are very fortunate to be taking early retirement and moving to Spain soon. Our property there is at the end of a 2km farmers' track, so we have been looking at cars with good ground clearance. However, we also expect to be driving around Europe so want a car that is economical and comfortable for long-distance driving. Many SUVs (e.g. Hyundai Tucson) may fit the bill, but their ground clearance isn't much higher than a standard car. Given that we will use the track a couple of times a week, but distance-wise most of our driving will be on smooth roads, should we just get a normal car and drive very carefully up & down the track, or is there a better compromise? Our budget is £13k to £18k and we'd like to keep the car for at least the next 5 years."
How about a rugged version of an estate car? Something like a Volkswagen Golf Alltrack, Skoda Octavia Scout or Volvo V60 Cross Country could fit the bill. They're four-wheel drive, with a bit of extra ground clearance and some extra body protection. With frugal diesel engines, they won't cost a fortune to run, although finding one might be tricky – they sold in much smaller numbers than comparable SUVs.
Answered by Andrew Brady
What are the best tyres for my Volvo?
"The front tyres on my Volvo V60 Cross Country need replacing (currently Michelin X Green Primacy 3 235/50 R18 101W) which are the same as the back tyres. Would you recommend replacing them with another identical set of Michelins so that all four match or would an alternative be acceptable and if so, what would your recommendations be?."
If the car is four-wheel drive it has an automatic 4WD system so all the tyres need to be the same and within 3mm tread depth of each other or it confuses the system that can detect the disparity as slippage. If it's 2WD then this isn't a problem and you can just go ahead and replace like with like. We don't recommend 'cheap tyres', only expensive tyres bought at the lowest possible prices. See how low you can get Michelin X Green Primacy 3 235/50 R18 101W. An alternative is Pirelli Scorpion. Check Tyres On The Drive ( and ( for sizes and prices and read our Tyre Buying Guide (
Answered by Honest John
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