Volvo C30 (2010 – 2013) Review

Volvo C30 (2010 – 2013) At A Glance


+Good looking hatchback successfully facelifted. Comfortable for four adults. DRIVe diesel with stop start under 100g/km CO2 from mid 2010.

-Not much luggage space.

Insurance Groups are between 16–33
On average it achieves 84% of the official MPG figure

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Real MPG average for a Volvo C30 (2010 – 2013)


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Average performance


Real MPG

21–70 mpg

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Should I buy a Volvo C30?

"I'm thinking of buying a Volvo C30 as a second car (60,000 miles, 2009 - 2012), would you recommend this model and which diesel or petrol? "
We'd recommend a petrol unless you're planning on covering a lot of motorway miles in the C30 (more than 12,000 a year). The petrols are generally reliable, although we'd recommend avoiding the 2.0-litre petrol with the automatic gearbox as this is a troublesome Ford Powershift unit. As with any car of this age, evidence of regular maintenance (i.e. a stamped service book and receipts for work carried out) is desirable. Look out for electrical issues - Volvos of this age can throw up various warning lights sporadically. A Honda Civic of the same age might be a more dependable choice.
Answered by Andrew Brady

My Honda Civic Tourer gives me back problems - can I do anything about improving ride comfort?

"We've just purchased a 2015 Honda Civic Tourer. Unlike our previous car, a Volvo C30, the passenger seat is neither height adjustable or lumber support adjustable. On a three hour journey yesterday, our first long journey, my wife suffered lower back pain. She believes, as she isn't tall, this is due to her feet not being in a suitable natural position for sitting down. We think she may require a little more height in the seat. Could you recommend a suitable product to resolve the situation."
I tried all sorts of products like 'Backfriend' in the past because I have to sit for long periods at a keyboard. I agree, Honda seats are not the best and they don't seem to have heard about lumbar support. A 'Backfriend' and a more reclined backrest may do the job by spreading more of her weight into the backrest rather than the base of her spine. I wrote a feature 20 years ago with Professor Mark Porter the Ergonomist and he confirmed that sitting upright in a car is the worst thing you can do.
Answered by Honest John

Is it legal to sell a car with a warning light on?

"I seem to have stumbled upon a whole world of hate this past week. I recently just passed my driving test and purchased my first car. The car in question was a Volvo C30 R Design. I don't know diddly about cars. I bought it from a garage and it had one previous owner before said garage purchased the car. It came with the anti skid service light already on. The garage who sold me it said it wasn't a problem and I obviously believed him, thinking I will get it serviced and all will be fine. But I have had it in at a local garage and the diagnosis looks to be the dreaded ABS pump. The garage I bought it from put it through the MoT, with the warning. Is this legal? Also, with it being second hand and out of warranty, is it viable that Volvo can do anything for me?"
It was illegal for the dealer to have sold you the car in this state and you can immediately reject it for a full refund, threatening Trading Standards and police if he does not comply. If the case goes to Small Claims, this type of dealer may ignore the CCJ, so it's vital to pay an extra £70 for enforcement by High Court sheriffs who are empowered to seize the dealer's assets to the value of your claim. More here: This is nothing to do with Volvo and everything to do with the dealer who sold you the car.
Answered by Honest John

How long will the DPF last on a Volvo C30?

"I have always had petrol engine cars myself, but my dad has recently purchased a 2010 (60) plate Volvo C30 D2 (1.6 diesel engine, facelift model, R-Design) from a car supermarket. It has around 54,000 miles on the clock and looks and runs nicely. I am aware that the car has a DPF; however, I have read forums which state that an extra oil additive is added to the DPF in order for it to work properly at regular intervals. Forums also state that the DPF needs to be replaced at 75k miles, is this true? Or does this apply to the earlier Volvo 1.6 diesel engine?"
This is a Ford 1.6TDCI engine. Not the greatest. Might have the PSA Eolys DPF regeneration system. Might simply have a coated DPF. Check with a Volvo dealer or a Volvo independent specialist. If Eolys, the reservoir can last anything from 20k miles to 50k miles before it needs replenishing.
Answered by Honest John
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