Review: Renault Espace (1997 – 2002)


Very versatile seven-seat layout inside. Grand Espace offers decent luggage room as well.

Niggling problems are all too common. Expensive mechanical and electric trouble not unknown.

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23 September 2002

On 6,597 Espace the underfloor spare wheel winch cable may seize or break and allow the wheel to fall into the road. Recall to fit modified spare wheel support cross member and winch unit. Read more

15 July 2002

On 3,609 Espace, electrical connections to side air bags may be transposed. Check and correcte where necessary. Also on n407 Espaces airbag control electrical wiring on driver's swivelling seat could... Read more

28 February 2001

Build dates 17-7-2000 - 20-9-2000: rear wheel brake calliper fastenings may shear leading to callipers becoming loose on the stub axles. Original fastenings to be replaced with modified type with lock... Read more

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Dashboard failure on Renault Espace

The dashboard has stopped working on my Renault Espace - I have main beam and indicators but nothing from speedo, temperature or fuel. Have sent unit to BBA and they say it’s ok, but it didn’t work when it came back. Can you help?
Well it would appear that you actually have a problem/fault with the dash unit. Not sure what work/test BBA carried out. You may want to try who seem to have a good record of testing /repair for dash panels. Other that that you may have to replace.
Answered by Alan Ross
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