Renault Scenic (2009 – 2016) Review

Renault Scenic (2009 – 2016) At A Glance


+Comfortable for seven. Great chain-cam 1.4 TCe 130 engine. Brilliant new chain-cam 1.6 dCi 130 diesel engine from mid 2011.

-2.0 dCi torque a bit disappointing.

Insurance Groups are between 11–26
On average it achieves 77% of the official MPG figure

Just as Renault was first in Europe with a full size MPV (the innovative Espace), it was also first in Europe with a mid size MPV. Now we are into the third generation of Renault Scenic. So is it just change for the sake of change, or have they managed to make it significantly better?

For marketing reasons, the UK gets the 7-seater Grand Scenic first, in May, and the shorter 5-seater Scenic will follow in July. The new Renault Grand Scenic is remarkable value for money, with prices starting at £1,060 less than before, for more car. £14,995 for the base model 1.6 Extreme undercuts the worthy, but van-derived VW Caddy Maxi Life by £1,000.

Obviously, as features increase and better engines find their way under the bonnets, Grand Scenics start to get dearer. Diesels start at £16,495, for the lowest emission 7-seater you can buy (138g/km). While the best engine (in my opinion, anyway) is the chain-cam, water-cooled turbo petrol 1.4TCE 130, from £17,595.

Renault Grand Scenic 2009 Road Test

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What can I do about premature brake wear on my Renault Grand Scenic?

"I have a 2017 Renault Grand Scenic since new that has done 21,504 miles. It has been serviced by a Renault dealer since new and I have just been told that within the next three months it will need new brake pads and discs front and rear at a cost of approx £900. I consider this appalling for a four year old car with this mileage. I have had four previous Renaults new since 2000 and not one of them needed even new pads when I exchanged them for a new model. Could you advise me as to the action I need to apply to ensure Renault cover the cost of what is an inferior set of discs and pads? "
Apart from making a complaint to the dealer that sold you the car, I'm not sure what more you can do to get Renault to cover the costs of the brake replacement. In order to force them to cover the costs, you would need to prove the brakes were faulty when you bought the car. And after four years of ownership, this will be very difficult to do. Given the low mileage, I'd hazard a guess that the premature wear is linked to corrosion caused by the car being left standing outside for long periods. For example, if the rust has gone deep into the metal it will pit the surface of the brake disc and shred the pads. If this has happened then neither Renault nor the dealer will be liable for the brake replacement costs.
Answered by Dan Powell

Why do I smell burning when I use my heater?

"I have started to smell burning when I put the heater on my Renault Grand Scenic 2005. The heater only works on three and four. Do you have any idea of what it could be and what it may cost? "
The heater motor is burning out and the burning smell is burning. Do not used the heater at all until the heater motor as well as the fan speed resistor are replaced. It will cost hundreds not thousands. Might involve quite a lot of dismantling to replace the heater motor.
Answered by Honest John

How can I check the mileage of a used car that I'm buying?

"I am going to view a 60 reg Renault Grand Scenic tomorrow. The dealer says it only has one service history dated 2012 and the mileage is 36,000 miles. The cost of the car is £4,995, reduced from £5,495. How can I be sure the mileage is accurate without a full service history because the main reason I like it is because of the low mileage."
You cannot be sure of anything. However, you can check its MoT mileage history here:
Answered by Honest John

Is the Renault Grand Scenic 2.0 petrol reliable?

"As an avid reader of your weekly column I thought you might be able to help with the following: I've seen a 2011 Renault Grand Scenic automatic for sale with a 2.0 petrol engine. In your 'car by car' review you only discuss the diesels and a turbo petrol, but not this one. Assuming these are good quality cars like the MK3 Laguna, I wondered if you knew anything about this particular engine? Is this 2.0 petrol an old Nissan chain cam engine or a basic version of the 2.0 petrol from the Laguna GT which I understand has a belt? Finally would you know if this is a reliable torque converter transmission (I note there are no noted complaints in the good/bad section for the Scenic)?"
It's listed in the 2009 Grand Scenic Road Test:, which says: 2.0 16v VVT petrol 1,998cc: 103kw (143PS) at 5,500rpm, 195Nm (144 lb ft) torque at 3,750rpm. CVT auto. I think this is the F4R engine, which is timing belt and dates back to the previous model Scenic, so doesn't share the improvements in quality of the later Laguna that was built at an entirely different factory.
Answered by Honest John
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