Renault Megane Coupe (2009 – 2016) Review

Renault Megane Coupe (2009 – 2016) At A Glance


+Fine riding and handling and stunning looking coupe just £400 more than the five-door hatch. Sporty 220GT launched February 2015 to sit below RenaultSport Megane.

-Poor rear visibility. Getting in and out of the back is hard work. Fiddly stereo and navigation system.

Insurance Groups are between 12–36
On average it achieves 75% of the official MPG figure

Renault has been very clever indeed. Instead of offering a nondescript 3-door version of its new Megane, it has given us a coupe.

Which, of course, means that instead of having to charge less, it can charge more. £400 more, actually. But just look at it.

Whereas a 3-door Focus looks better than a 5-door Focus the car is still a Focus. Vauxhall has been a bit more successful with the Astra Sport Hatch. Citroen with its distinctive C4 flatback coupe. And KIA with its ProCee'd. But Renault has transformed the Megane into a coupe every bit as stunning as the VW Scirocco. And that statement probably undersells it.

Renault Megane 1.2 TCe and 1.6 dCi 2012 Road Test and Video



Real MPG average for a Renault Megane Coupe (2009 – 2016)


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26–68 mpg

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What do you think of the Renault Laguna Coupe?

"I drive a 1999 Toyota Celica, which I love and have owned for eight years with no major problems at all. I feel however, that I would like something a little more up-to-date. I still want a coupe or a similar style car, and have been looking without too much success, as I still want a car with the versatility of split rear seats and a little space in the back for an occasional passenger. I have seen a Renault Laguna Coupe and consulted your review. Is this car (albeit a couple of years old) a suitable replacement, or have you any other suggestions? I feel a petrol engine would be better than a diesel as I tend to make short journeys and I would prefer a manual gearbox."
The short-lived (in the UK) Laguna Coupe is a nice car and the rear wheel steer system on some models works well. At least one reader has one and improved the ride comfort by fitting smaller wheels with deeper profile tyres. I guess you'll be going for the 2.0-litre turbo. Alternatives include one of the last Celicas (year 2000), a Volkswagen Scirocco, a Volvo C30, a Hyundai Veloster, a Renault Megane coupe, a BMW 1 Series or 3 Series coupe, or a KIA pro_cee'd.
Answered by Honest John

Will my running costs increase if I trade in my 1.6-litre Volvo C30 for a 2-litre version?

"I currently own a 2009 Volvo C30 Drive SE Sport 1.6-litre diesel on a three year plan with 9000 miles per annum, which finishes soon. I am considering replacing it with a new C30 SE Lux which has a 2-litre petrol engine with 17-inch wheels and a number of useful extras. I realise that fuel economy will not be as good and that road tax will be £215 a year, however I will be getting an uprated car with a 20 per cent discount and a good monthly finance saving. I would appreciate your comments."
The running costs of the 2.0-litre petrol against the 1.6-litre diesel will be about £840 more a year. But you should also consider a Volkswagen Scirocco, a Renault Megane Coupe, a Vauxhall Astra GTC and a Hyundai Veloster:
Answered by Honest John

Recommend a sports car capable of carrying two people and a large dog?

"We have a new puppy that is going to grow into quite a large dog. Are there any two seat or 2+2 sports cars on the market that are in the mould of the old Reliant Scimitar GTE or Lancia HPE?"
Consider the Volkswagen Corrado, Renault Megane coupe and RenaultSport Megane coupe, Volvo C30, Hyundai Veloster, Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ. They're all tested, some video tested, at: and all covered in:
Answered by Honest John

Selling a car I won

"I won a Renault Megane Coupe GT Line (TomTom) - it's currently on order and will be ready in a couple of weeks. I want to sell it as quickly as possible (it'll be offered unregistered). What would you say is the best avenue to pursue? Dealer? Private sale online? Something else?"
See what the supplying Renault dealer will give you for it.
Answered by Honest John
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