Renault Clio (2005 – 2009) Review

Renault Clio (2005 – 2009) At A Glance


+Refined, comfortable and well equipped. Excellent crash test rating. 1.5 dCi is very economical. RenaultSport Clio now 197PS.

-Electric power steering feels odd.

There is no doubt that Renault has turned the Clio into a classy little car. You almost expect to see a Jimmy Choo shopping bag on the back seat along with a bunch of other designer labels.

It's very good looking. Better than the 207, in my eyes. And since that's its main competition it at first seems to have the job sewn up.

Nice colour range, too. It looks particularly good in dark metallic blue with alloys. And the solid Capsicum red that mine came in is a really rich red (always the best colour to photograph).

Of course, it is up against the much cheaper and even better looking Grande Punto as well. But for strange, snobbish, style reasons, many Brits who would be happy with a Renault or a Peugeot won't be seen dead in a FIAT.

Renault Clio 1.4 2006 Road Test

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What's the best car to replace my ageing Renault Clio?

"I am replacing my 12-year-old Renault Clio. I want something similar, possibly more estate like, with five doors and a petrol engine. A large boot with a wide opening is a key requirement. What do you recommend I buy?"
I would recommend the Ford Puma and SEAT Arona. Both are based on small hatchbacks (Fiesta and Ibiza) and will be similar in size to your Clio. The Puma and Arona are available with excellent 1.0-litre petrol engines, but being crossover-styled cars they have a higher driving position and a larger boot. The Puma has the biggest boot of the two with 456 litres, which is around 50 more than the Arona. The Puma also had a useful storage box in the boot called a 'megabox' which lets you store things like boots or golf clubs. It also has a drainage plug, which means you can hose it out.
Answered by Dan Powell

I need to get a reliable car urgently. Do you advise a PCP?

"I wonder if you can help as I'm a bit desperate. I have a 2005 Renault Clio with a broken gearbox, which was mis-sold 2 months ago. I have a second Renault Clio (2007) with low mileage, given to me for free 6 days ago, It now has an injector light coming on and it's in limp mode. I'm a nurse who is at her wit's end and needs a really reliable car as taxis are costing too much. Would you scrap both cars and do a PCP? Budget is up to £160 a month. I need a reliable car pretty urgently. Thank you so much."
Unfortunately, as you're finding, an older Clio is a recipe for headaches. A PCP isn't a bad idea – a little Kia Picanto or Suzuki Swift will be very affordable, cheap to run and should prove to be much more reliable than your current cars.
Answered by Andrew Brady

Would roof bars add much value when selling my 2006 Renault Clio?

"I'm planning on selling my 2006 Renault Clio. It has roof bars attached, which I don't plan to remove. Would they add value?"
I doubt it. You'd be best removing them - but even then, they're unlikely to be worth a great deal.
Answered by Andrew Brady

Do I need anything else replaced when a cam belt is changed?

"I have a 2009 Renault Clio, which has done 3500 miles. According to Renault, it needs a new cam belt. They recommend that the tensioner and the water pump should be replaced, but nothing else needs done. Is this correct, or should I pay extra to have the belt replaced as well?"
Needs timing belt, tensioner, waterpump and alternator belt replacing. No point in just replacing the belt because if any of the other three fail they will take the belt off and the engine will suffer the same damage as if the belt failed.
Answered by Honest John
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