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I’m looking for a used car with low mileage for my son’s partner. It needs to be reliable, reasonably stylish and preferably one owner. Any thoughts? Thank you.
I have a 2010 SEAT Ibiza. Occasionally it won’t start, so I have to jump-start it. Also, if I slam the bonnet down and the car is off, it will not start either. Today, I jumped it and it started but the...
Having had my 2004 SEAT Leon Cupra diesel for over 10 years and hitting just under 200,000 miles, I find myself at the stage where the engine requires replacing. It's beyond economic repair so I need to...
The passenger door wing mirror on my 2017 SEAT Ateca needs replacing. I've been quoted £550 by the SEAT garage. Does this not seem a bit excessive to you?
I have a SEAT Ibiza 1.2. When does timing belt need changing? It was never changed before.
My daughter's leased MINI is coming up for renewal but she's leaning towards buying a 2 or 3-year-old car, with a diesel Golf in mind. Diesel due to her business travel of between 15k-20k miles per year....
Can you tell me which models are the best small SUVs or crossovers?
I’m looking to change my SEAT Leon for a higher seating position. The only criteria I have is I would like a quick clearing front windscreen. What would you recommend? Many thanks.
I currently have a 2017 Ford Fiesta but I want a car with higher seating, electric windows and the same standard as the Fiesta.
Which secondhand MPV would you recommend for about £12,000?

Value my car