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We live on the Isle of Man where you are allowed to drive from age 16. Our son reaches that age next year. He is already over 6ft tall so the tiniest of cars isn’t really an option. Luckily insurance costs...
My husband is well over six feet tall and struggles with small car leg and headroom. He also loathes driving my 2013 Volkswagen Golf because of its electronic handbrake. His car is a 2003 1.9L TDI Polo...
My teenage grandson is about to take his practical test and when he passes we will be looking for a suitable car for a 6’4” tall person that is also suitable for a newly-qualified driver, given the potentially...
What's the best petrol or electric car for a tall driver?
We are a very tall family and we need a new car. My husband and I are both over six foot and our kids are very tall, too. My teenage son is six foot four inches! We are going to showrooms at the moment...
Are there any small vans that have sufficient driver space for someone 6'8" tall?
I'm looking for a comfortable, reliable, economical commuter car to cover 25,000 miles per year. I currently own a 2009 Citroen C5 2.0-litre auto diesel. This gives me 35-40mpg so not great! But I'm 6'4''...
I've not long retired and would like to get a nippy sports car. I have a budget of about £10k. I'm 6ft 8ins tall and feel my choice may be very limited. Any ideas as to what I might fit in?
What’s the best first car for a tall man? He’s 6'8" and needs a lot of legroom.
I need to buy, rent or lease my first panel van. I'm 6'4" tall and nearly as wide. Which medium-sized, tall roof vans have the most cab space and driver legroom?

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