I need to replace my Volkswagen Polo with something big enough for a six-footer that is ULEZ-compliant?

My husband is well over six feet tall and struggles with small car leg and headroom. He also loathes driving my 2013 Volkswagen Golf because of its electronic handbrake. His car is a 2003 1.9L TDI Polo and he loves it, but it's falling to bits and we live by the new ULEZ expansion area. Even my car isn't compliant so we have to change one of them and the older one is the logical choice. But we are defeated on what (as, for instance, he cracks his head on the newer Polo doors). Also we are likely to have a second six-footer in a few years, wanting to learn to drive...

Can you recommend a small car which has good headroom, a decent engine and a manual handbrake please? We are not worried about the age, just that it's ULEZ compliant, has a manual handbrake and can cope with tall people. And fits in a 1950s garage!

Asked on 28 March 2023 by Jane

Answered by David Ross
Given your specific requirements, we would suggest something like the Honda Jazz or the Toyota Yaris. Earlier versions of these cars came with manual handbrakes, and both have tall bodies with excellent headroom, as well as good space efficiency. They are also available with good petrol engines that will be ULEZ compliant, and are very close in size to your current Polo so you should find they fit comfortably in your garage.
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