Can you recommend a sports car for a tall driver?

I've not long retired and would like to get a nippy sports car. I have a budget of about £10k. I'm 6ft 8ins tall and feel my choice may be very limited. Any ideas as to what I might fit in?

Asked on 2 February 2021 by Bobbie B

Answered by David Ross
While not quite as tall as you (I'm a mere 6ft3), I too have issues getting comfortable in sports cars. I suppose it depends on what you want from a sports car. You could go for a hot hatch like a Focus ST or Octavia vRS which has plenty of space but if you want a 'true' sports car like a two-seater, you may be more limited. Porsches tend to have good space and plenty of seat adjustment so an early Cayman or a Boxster may suit. Similarly, an Audi TT could be worth a look. German cars tend to have more space than French or Japanese when it comes to sports cars.
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