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I have an Audi A3 with 225/45 R17 wheels. What size space saver can I use?
I have just bought a new Volvo V40 which has not been supplied with a spare wheel, do you recommend sealant for a repair or buying a spare?
I have a 330i BMW 2009 I took off the run flats but I need a space saver wheel what size do I need?
I have a Vauxhall Mokka and want to purchase a space saver wheel. However, the Mokka is fitted with 18-inch wheels and the maximum space saver wheel is only 16-inch. Is this an issue?
I've just had my Skoda Yeti serviced and they said my puncture repair kit had reached it's expiry date. They quotes £64 for a new kit, is it really necessary to replace it?
My Fiat Doblo Cargo has 16-inch wheels. How far can I safely and legally drive on its 15-inch space saver wheel?
I am thinking of buying an ex-demonstrator SEAT Leon FR. The car runs on 18-alloys, but the space saver wheel in the boot is 16-inch diameter. Surely this cannot be correct?
I have been quoted: 'The Space Saver comes as a complete kit from the manufacturer and is a really great kit, and it fits perfectly where the normal blow up kit goes. It is supplied with an all new wheel...
The new Mercedes C-Class I have on order comes with a can of puncture repair sealant instead of a spare wheel. Not happy with this I was going to buy a spacesaver but I was horrified to find out that the...
More info than question. On 08/06/2015 Keith asked about spare wheels for Mazda 3. I bought a new Mazda 3 in Sept 2014. Tried everywhere for spacesaver from independent suppliers with no joy (including...

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