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I am looking to purchase a slim fit spare wheel of the smallest size I can as I do not have a spare wheel but I cannot find the overall size of a wheel including the tyre I am looking at a 15" diameter...
BMW do not fit run flat tyres as standard on their BMW 128ti, or indeed even offer run flat as an option. As old school, I like to have some protection in the event of a puncture so would like to fit run...
I need to get a space saver wheel for my SEAT Arona SE Technology that has 17-inch wheel but I can only find 18-inch wheels. Would that be ok?
My 2019 BMW Z4 will soon need new tyres. Should I renew with runflats or not? The latest G29 M4s are not fitted with runflats by BMW and lots of drivers say comfort levels are much improved with regular...
After the warning has been on and adjusting the tyre pressures then resetting the computer I find that after about 20 miles the warning comes back on again. This has happened about 4 times, why?
Can you recommend a tyre foam repair product suitable for a motorhome?
I have steel wheels with Continental Winter Contact 860 winter tyres. I have a full size spare. What winter tyre should I put on the spare - as they are directional I'd need 2 spares to have the same brand...
I believe my question is relevant for everyone in UK. The place where I live and drive is full of potholes and I hear many are having bigger repairs caused by these potholes. Anything we can do to reduce...
Spare space saver wheels? Are they a worthwhile purchase?
My 2022 Vauxhall Crossland has 17 inch diameter wheels. Can I use a 15 inch space saver spare wheel in emergency?

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