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Most recently answered coronavirus questions
Is there any help presently for those struggling to pay for vehicles on PCH? Anything like a payment holiday. Thanks in advance.
I plan to SORN my car for the month of May, at least. The MoT is due on 25 May, but presumably won't be done then. When I come to tax it again in June (probably), will the absence of a valid MoT be a problem?
My Suzuki Vitara's oil change light has come on but my dealer is shut due to the coronavirus lockdown. Where do I stand with my manufacturer’s warranty if I don't get it looked at?
My elderly mother passed away last week and had a Motability car, mainly driven by my dad as her carer. We expect that it will be taken away in the next few days. It’s the only car he has, so can you advise...
I ordered a new car before the Coronavirus lockdown. It was supposed to be delivered 31 March but due to the showroom closing, this this not happen. My order form states I can cancel and get my deposit...
My car has not been on the road for over five weeks now and not likely to be for some time. My insurance renewal is due on 12 May. Should I expect a better price than is currently quoted?
The MoT on my car is due on 12 February 2021. Will this qualify for a six-month extension under the Coronavirus regulations?
What happens to electric cars if they're not used for some time?
Two or three days before Covid-19 struck, I put a deposit on a three-year old Skoda Fabia Estate, which had been off the road since the end of January. I was due to pick up the car the same day as the...
My sister and brother-in-law, who are both in their eighties, are insistent on driving into the countryside on non-essential journeys. Would this nullify their car insurance if they had to claim?

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