How can I buy a car when everything is shut under lockdown?

My elderly mother passed away last week and had a Motability car, mainly driven by my dad as her carer. We expect that it will be taken away in the next few days. It’s the only car he has, so can you advise where my dad can buy a car from when everything is currently closed? Ideally, he’d go to a car supermarket but everything is shut under lockdown.

Asked on 27 April 2020 by Andy D

Answered by David Ross
Thank you for your message and we are sorry to hear of your sad news. The first thing to do here would be to contact Motability and see what their situation is with Covid-19. We would cast doubt on whether collecting your late mother's car is a 'necessary journey' so it may be the case that your father will be able to keep hold of the vehicle for the time being. Have a read here:

In terms of a replacement, our parent company heycar has a system where you can view used cars via video:

Getting hold of a car now, whether used or new, is not easy. Different dealers have different guidelines in place. Motorpoint announced on 20 March 2020 that it will deliver cars to customers for free, seven days a week, up to a 100 mile radius, something that other car retailers are adopting, too. This explains a bit more:
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