There's a fault warning showing, should I stop using the car til the outbreak ends in case it's a warranty repair?

My Mum's 2017 Ford KA+ has started showing a message saying 'ABS malfunction. Contact Service'. She got an email from Ford saying they were shutting their doors except for key workers. She is over 70 so is self isolating. I am using the car occasionally just so it doesn't just sit there for potentially 12 weeks. The car seems to drive okay. Is this something to worry about and should I stop using the car until I can get it to a Ford dealer, or can I still use it for short runs? Should I contact Ford, just to log the problem until I can get it to them in case it is a warranty repair?

Asked on 26 March 2020 by Richard Mayes

Answered by Dan Powell
Unless you need the car for essential travel (to buy food, medicine or get to work), I would advise that you report the fault to Ford and stop using the car. It may be fine for short runs, but if it experiences a mechanical breakdown (or causes an accident) then you will put additional pressure on your potentially overstretched local emergency services.
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