The DVLA is ignoring calls and emails. Are they still open?

I have friend who has a mild form of glaucoma. Having reported it to DVLA, he was asked to get a test at an optician from a list advised by DVLA. He was told that he would hear from DVLA in two to three weeks following the eye test. He had the test six weeks ago and, acknowledging the Covid-19 lockdown, he expected a delay. But six weeks is a long time for such an important issue. Without wishing to sound sarcastic - has the DVLA closed down? They are not responding to phone calls or emails when most other organisations have people working from home with IT links and providing a service.

Asked on 4 May 2020 by Glyn Trumper

Answered by Georgia Petrie
We've reached out to DVLA but, unfortunately, they haven't come back to us with a solution to these issues. We've had lots of similar complaints. The DVLA is still running, however, the website says, "Because of coronavirus (COVID-19), DVLA is currently only able to answer your call or email if you’re a key worker (for example you work in a hospital or in a supermarket, or you’re a lorry driver)."

We don't know what they plan to do about drivers who require eye tests or medicals to get their licences renewed. When they let us know anything, we'll report it. You can read about the issue more here:
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