I won't be driving for a few weeks - should I SORN my car or not?

I am in the 12-week isolation/vulnerable group. I only reinsured my car for 12 months yesterday so I called my insurance company and they are happy to cancel the policy and give me a pro rata refund (less admin fees). Do I keep the car on the road in case of emergencies or SORN it and cancel my insurance until I am out of my 12-week lockdown? Taking into consideration that the lockdown will very possibly be extended.

Asked on 21 April 2020 by Mark Stubbs

Answered by Dan Powell
I would keep the insurance running otherwise you'll be liable for any potential theft or damage that may occur to the car while you are in self-isolation. If the car is off the public road (in a garage or on your driveway) I would put it on SORN and get a refund on the road tax VED, but I wouldn't cancel the insurance unless the storage for the vehicle was extremely secure. If the car is on the road, you will need to keep it taxed and insured. You cannot SORN a car on a public road as it's technically an offence.

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