Should we drive our car on a roundtrip to prevent a flat battery during self isolation?

Our new car will be parked on our drive during the next 12 weeks due to our self isolation. What should we do to keep it in good overall condition? Should we drive the car (without getting out, obviously) on a round trip to keep battery etc in good condition? This is because may need it sometime urgently and need to avoid a flat battery.

Asked on 26 March 2020 by Alan Eastwood

Answered by Dan Powell
I would not recommend driving the vehicle unless it's absolutely essential to buy food or medicine. If you are involved in an accident or breakdown then it may add additional pressure to your potentially stretched local emergency services. If you have a battery charger then it may be an idea to fit it to the car to keep the battery topped up. Otherwise I would advise that you stay at home and address your car when the self-isolation has ended. If the battery is flat then you'll need to get it jump started with the assistance of a neighbour or a local mechanic, or use a jump pack.

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