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Most recently answered supermarket petrol questions
From your info the "real" mpg of the i10 is well below claims. My new i10 1.2 achieves 42 mpg on open rural roads, few stops but short (flat) journeys of 5-10 miles. Total mileage from new is only 1000....
Does the problem with supermarket petrol also apply to diesel? And is there a particular fuel to look for?
Could you please expand on your apparently disparaging reference to supermarket petrol as a contributory cause of lambda sensor failure?
In your column on Saturday, October 8th you made mention of supermarket petrol. What is wrong with it? And is diesel affected as well?
For some time you have suggested that using Shell V Power unleaded is well worth the extra cost due to general improved performance and mpg. As Shell has launched "Shell fuel save" unleaded, do you still...
Using premium fuel (Shell V-Power) seems to be the only way to avoid particle filter problems with AUDI A3 in the UK. What grade Diesel do I need to purchase on Mainland Europe to avoid the same problem?
I am taking delivery of a new Qashqai 2.0 diesel auto. I always use Shell fuel. Do you think the extra cost of Shell V Power is worth it for my new car? I estimate that I will cover 20,000 miles p.a.
I was wandering if you knew where Sainsburys gets their petrol from? I thought it was BP, but slightly unsure. And what is the best super around to run my Civic on?
I run a Ford Mondeo 1.8 estate (Dec 2005). It has done 55,000 miles. I cover around 5,000 miles per year - much local but with 300 mile motorway journeys three or four times a year. I really like the car...
I have had problems with misfiring, loss of power, and red engine management lights coming on on two cars which where filled with unleaded petrol at a supermarket. One of the vehicles has needed to have...

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